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IV/Play (pronounced ‘Four Play’) is a desktop oriented GUI front-end for MAME™.  It was designed and commissioned by John IV as a
familiar feeling alternative to MAMEUI.   It has a narrow and particular feature-set, is keyboard driven, and utilises many of the navigation
short cuts of MAMEUI.  It is available as a combo x64/x86 app and can run on XP and Vista; though it is designed for Windows 7/8 with
leveraged features like Jump List support.  IV/Play is decoupled from setting MAME options directly in an effort to future proof against the
continual core changes that impact MAMEUI. IV/Play requires .NET 4.0. Click the image above to see the user guide PDF.

MAMEUI, formerly MAME32, is the GUI version of MAME. Originally authored in 1997 by Chris Kirmse, it was the first port
of MAME™ to the Windows platform. MAMEUI is currently in maintenance mode with no active development taking place. 
The 64-bit version is still compiled and released when there is no breakage with the core.

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